Care and appreciation of soil

To be able to truly honor and appreciate the earth, a caring and loving attitude  to oneself and others is a prerequisite. At Jiwa Damai we approach  working  with the soil and earth from a  multidimensional perspective.

The inner attitude of honoring and respecting that which gives us our physical life, is complimented with the in-depth knowledge of how to restore and heal the abuse the soil suffers. Here at Jiwa Damai we ground the theoretical design concepts of Permaculture, its principles of earth care, people care and sharing  with hands-on in our extensive gardens. Our  1 and 3 day intro offerings as well as PDC’s are embedded in a morning yoga class and evening heart meditation. Find out more on 

Volunteers at Jiwa Damai

At Jiwa Damai volunteers come from all over the world, have all kinds of backgrounds and all ages. They get to enjoy the calm and beauty of Jiwa Damai, but also discover Bali. 

Here is Dave, our volunteer from Vermont, USA, standing on Mount Batur on his day off. 

If you would like to volunteer at Jiwa Damai we invite you to send us an email at info[@] with your CV and other skills you may have. You can read here more details about our volunteer program. We usually request our volunteers to stay for a minimum of one month and we plan their stay with up to three months in advance.



A health day for the village

Jiwa Damai and Lagu Damai Foundation Bali offered a health day to the village in cooperation with Kula group Karma day. Everyone helped and participated. It took place in the Bale Banja, which is the communal meeting hall.

A slide show was presented with healthy foods preventing high blood pressure and diabetes. Yoga exercises were included and a buffet prepared by the Jiwa Damai kitchen and Jiwa Damai volunteers, consisting of Balinese chicken, a combination of small picked chicken meat with lots of lemongrass, peppers, onions and garlic and ginger. A huge cabbage salad with our special honey mustard dressing as well as lost of sprouts in there. Green salad was also present.

All this was handed out on carefully prepared banana leaves and found a great echo and every one had great fun. To be repeated...

You can read more here. 

Two french wwoofers in Jiwa Damai

Salut, Nous sommes Raphael et Audrey de France. Jiwa Damai est magnifique, tellement relaxant et idéal pour faire du wwoofing. Nous allons y rester un mois.

Deux de nos projets sont :

Le premier consiste à numéroter avec de la peinture tous les cocotiers de la propriété, et ce n’est pas une mince affaire, il y en a  plus de 300.

Le second projet est de venir en aide à Ketut, le jardinier. C’est interessant de travailler avec lui, il nous apprend beaucoup de choses. Ça donne envie d’avoir son propre potager !


We are Audrey and Raphael from France. Jiwa Damai is a really wonderful place, very relaxing and ideal to do Wwoofing.  We’re going to stay one month.

Two of our projects are :

First, to paint numbers on all the coconut trees. It’s a big project, in fact, there are more than 300 coconuts trees in Jiwa Damai !

An other project is to help Ketut, the gardener. It’s interesting to work with him because he’s teaching us many new things.

This stimulates us to create our own garden back in France .