A great cooking class

A great cooking class. Our yoga guests from Australia getting introduced into the secrets of Balinese cooking and delightful spices.


First they visit the gardens and harvest their own veggies before cooking.

A health day for the village

Jiwa Damai and Lagu Damai Foundation Bali offered a health day to the village in cooperation with Kula group Karma day. Everyone helped and participated. It took place in the Bale Banja, which is the communal meeting hall.

A slide show was presented with healthy foods preventing high blood pressure and diabetes. Yoga exercises were included and a buffet prepared by the Jiwa Damai kitchen and Jiwa Damai volunteers, consisting of Balinese chicken, a combination of small picked chicken meat with lots of lemongrass, peppers, onions and garlic and ginger. A huge cabbage salad with our special honey mustard dressing as well as lost of sprouts in there. Green salad was also present.

All this was handed out on carefully prepared banana leaves and found a great echo and every one had great fun. To be repeated...

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Eggplants at Jiwa Damai

Our gardens are offering us the veggies we need for our table and all guests, volunteer as well as interns are benefiting form the wonderful organic choices we can cook in our cuisine. Here is a sample of our varieties of eggplants we are growing.

Balinese cooking class for your honeymoon

Our honeymoon couple is taking a cooking class with our Balinese chef, Made. This is one of the programs Jiwa Damai is offering for its guests.

Jiwa Damai cooking

Jiwa Damai cooking

Preparing Balinese chicken, with many different spices, ginger, lemongrass, onion, hot peppers which is then mixed into the finely plugged apart chicken… Then they prepared tempeh with Balinese sambal (spicy tomato sauce). Have a look!

Jiwa Damai cooking

Jiwa Damai cooking