Congratulations, Wira!

Wira, our head of the Lagu Damai foundation, after 4 years of intense studies has graduated in Social Politics with the degree S.SOS here in Bali. Some of us attend the ceremony, which was quite formal and of course with extended speeches, some beautiful Balinese dances and singing the national hymn etc..

Wira and his wife an daughter who were present is very happy and his family very proud of his achievement.

He received a diploma and a medal which was hung around his neck .

The story of Gede

We are sponsoring a youth up in the mountains and visited his house to establish the criteria needed for admission into our sponsor program This is for the senior high school student, Gede, who lives in most simple circumstances with his family. The parents do have primary school education only and wish to see their children to be well educated. They try everything to provide the money for the fees of the school. Gede was not able to join part of the last semester since the family had no money to pay for the fee.

Lagu Damai foundation is evaluating and will support Gede, after speaking now to this teacher at school. You can see in the photos Gede and his two siblings, a view into the kitchen where the family has no running water and has to get the water from 100 m below in the valley. They offered us a Jackfruit to taste and to savor.