Goodbye picnic for Kerstin

Kerstin was our volunteer at Jiwa Damai. When she left, she prepared a picnic for the local team. Here is her message.

‘Thank you for being and giving me a family. I realized how much I miss mine after 9 months apart and it was so nice to get lots of new brothers and sisters and cousins and aunts and grandfathers here, at Jiwa Damai.

One picture from the good-bye cake picnic I invited them to. Komang is taking the picture. He is also just such a sweet person. So so shy but very hard working and a great talent for drawing.

The night duties made it possible to get to know each of them one on one. Really nice. And Laura is really like a sister to me.’

We are so grateful for all the volunteers and interns who stay at Jiwa Damai.

picture from volunteer.jpg

Gardening equipment

This is our storage shed for the gardening equipment. The hats are needed to protect form the strong sun as well as from the heavy rains. They are made out of Bamboo and they keep our staff nice and cool and protected.


The boots are for working in the river or in the mud.


Volunteers and Woofers are welcome year-round to help us on our organic farm ! Please inquire to>