Inside the Earthship inspired build

The run off rainwater is flowing through a net with gravel before entering the tanks. The wet cells in these are nearly finished and the wood structure as well. Follow us on Instagram to see the latest developments. 

Searching for the right wood for the Earthship inspired building

Our Balinese architect  Dupon, and our Chilean woodcarver volunteer Ignacio as well as our american volunteer architect, went on the search for the right wooden beams into Singaraja on the North coast of Bali. As one can see form the pictures they found what they were looking for. It needs to be of the best quality, Teak or Coco palm, or Jackfruit wood. Now it has to be transported to our location. From there all by foot and motorbike down to the Awan Damai building. The road stops nearly 900m before reaching there.

The story of Gede

We are sponsoring a youth up in the mountains and visited his house to establish the criteria needed for admission into our sponsor program This is for the senior high school student, Gede, who lives in most simple circumstances with his family. The parents do have primary school education only and wish to see their children to be well educated. They try everything to provide the money for the fees of the school. Gede was not able to join part of the last semester since the family had no money to pay for the fee.

Lagu Damai foundation is evaluating and will support Gede, after speaking now to this teacher at school. You can see in the photos Gede and his two siblings, a view into the kitchen where the family has no running water and has to get the water from 100 m below in the valley. They offered us a Jackfruit to taste and to savor.

Home of the dragon

Awan Damai is located on 800m altitude. Often the clouds cover and move slowly from the sea over the hills and mountains.  Awan Damai is the home of the dragon. She resides, of course in a different dimension then the visible one.

Cremation Ceremony in Bali

The grandmother of one of our team members died. The whole village takes part in the process of sending her body and ashes off. The whole process takes about ten days with members from each household in the village participating and preparing many offerings.

Dr. Margret from Jiwa Damai visited the compound and like other village members brought rice, coffee and sugar and an envelope with a donation. The people participating preparing, washing the body are all fed with the support of the villagers food donations.

On the first day, after many rituals, the actual cremation takes place. The Gamelan group playing their instruments and beginning the walk through the village to the cremation grounds. Man follow and carry the body in a special container, built according to the caste the grandmother belonged to. The women walk separately at the end.

In the cremation grounds, the priest again performs blessings and ceremonies before the corpse is set on fire. There are actually two fires, one for the body and the other one for the coffin looking like box in which she was carried on.

Most villagers will stay, talk and smile a lot while this takes place. After which the ashes will be brought by the closest family to the see, to be set free in the water.

I was dreaming about this and am so happy living my dream!

During my journey I met a lot of yogis that have this natural desire to travel and seek and understand the world we live in. Practising Karma Yoga and Seva (selfless service) is a great way to grow in your teachings and meet like-minded volunteers.

With delight and gratitude I’d like to share my experiences of the last four weeks, as a volunteer yoga teacher at Awan Damai, an Earthship inspired build project in the north of Bali, Indonesia.

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Visitors at Jiwa Damai

Some of Margret’s old students she taught in Java, Indonesia, now practicing  psychotherapists and lecturers at various universities, came for a refreshment seminar in HeartSelf-intelligence to Jiwa Damai in August. We are happy to share some photos with you.

A great cooking class

A great cooking class. Our yoga guests from Australia getting introduced into the secrets of Balinese cooking and delightful spices.


First they visit the gardens and harvest their own veggies before cooking.