International school visiting Jiwa Damai

We received students form the International School of Canggu. 12 youths from 12-14 and 2 teachers wanted to learn more about  where their food is coming for. They were very interested in our gardens. From trying cacao beans fresh from the tree to each planting a set of pepper seedlings after mixing the soil with sand and sawdust and compost, to trying to open a coconut, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. So did we. A powerpoint presentation about healthy and unhealthy foods, a healthy lunch and an after lunch swim complimented the visit. It is so wonderful to see our young people interested and quite knowledgable about heir food and health.

High officials visit Jiwa Damai

Jiwa Damai received high officials. We were honored with the visit of the head of the Badung regency police chief. He came with 20 of his staff to visit us, appreciate the work we are doing as well as walking through our gardens and watching our foundation video: Lagu Damai Bali Foundation. 

Since it was the month of Ramadan, the all day fasting, we invited the chief and his stuff to break their fast in the evening with a buffet at Jiwa Damai. Our kitchen fairies provided a wonderful healthy buffet for all.