Wild rice and Oyster Mushroom recipe

As we are now experimenting with Oyster Mushrooms at Jiwa Damai, here is a wonderful recipe of wild rice and mushrooms.

•    2/3 Cups Wild Rice
•    2-1/2 Cups Water
•    8-10oz Oyster Mushrooms
•    2 Cloves Garlic minced
•    1 Large Shallot sliced
•    1 Tbs Olive Oil
•    2 Tbs Butter (or more oil for vegan)
•    1/2 Cup White Wine
•    1/2 Cup Parsley
•    Salt & Pepper

How to:
The base of the Oyster mushrooms is fairly tough and should be cut away. They’re a bit awkward to chop, so use a knife to cut away the base and then pull the mushrooms into small groups by hand.  Some large mushrooms in the mix is fine.

Bring the water up to a boil, add the rice with some salt and reduce to a low simmer.  The rice will take about 40 minutes to cook and should be done when the water is fully absorbed.
When the rice is nearing done, put a large pan over medium heat and add the olive oil and butter.  A bit of oil in the pan will help keep the butter from browning.  Sauté the shallots and the garlic for about one minute before adding the mushrooms.  Toss the mushrooms to mix it with the shallots and garlic and season with salt and pepper.  Try not to poke the mushrooms too much at this point, as you want to get some browning.

When the rice is done, add it directly to the pan and then add the wine.  Mix everything and cook until the wine is absorbed. When the wine is absorbed, turn off the heat and toss parsley with the rice and mushrooms.  Serve immediately or cover in foil and place in a low heat oven.
recipe credit to: ChristHvostal@KneadforFood