Garden Tour at Jiwa Damai

We offered a garden tour during the moment the rains stopped for a moment. Margret took our Kula Collective Yoga Teacher Training class of lovely ladies on an extensive garden tour. Here they are standing in front of the butterfly garden, which has been recently mulched with rice straw. The other photo is in the Mandala garden with its flowers and various greens.

You can always take a tour at Jiwa Damai, but you have to book in advance at 

The Nutrition Internship

The Nutrition Internship

The internship at Jiwa Damai is a unique experience. We always invite our interns to write an evaluation of their project and learning and an evaluation of their personal development, at the end of their stay. You can read here the thought of Rene, our intern, on her project at Jiwa Damai.

During my time at Jiwa Damai, I used the Permaculture garden facilities and the knowledge of other volunteers in order to explore my interest in nutrition.


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High officials visit Jiwa Damai

Jiwa Damai received high officials. We were honored with the visit of the head of the Badung regency police chief. He came with 20 of his staff to visit us, appreciate the work we are doing as well as walking through our gardens and watching our foundation video: Lagu Damai Bali Foundation. 

Since it was the month of Ramadan, the all day fasting, we invited the chief and his stuff to break their fast in the evening with a buffet at Jiwa Damai. Our kitchen fairies provided a wonderful healthy buffet for all. 

Jiwa Damai on the rain

Did you know that in Bali there are two seasons: the Dry Season and the Rainy Season. The Rainy Season ends usually in April. But this year it lasted until May.  The nature is all green and beautiful! Here are some photos from a rainy day at Jiwa Damai.

Mixing veggies from our gardens

Renee our intern from Montana, USA, in our kitchen with our volunteer Lucy, from Canada, trying out some new recepes.  Peeling lots of garlic to go into the mixed veggies from our gardens
Jiwa Damai.

You can find out more about our internship on our website! 

Backpacker accommodation with recycled material

Our new backpacker accommodation, made with recycled bottles is nearly finished. It just looks wonderful from the inside and outside. It is called the Beehive House and has two rooms, two beds each. Simple and clean. We also added a few steps away an additional Balinese and western shower and toilet with a biological septic tank. We use the bottles as well to give a colorful dimension to the shower.

You can see how we gathered and used the recycled material of the new backpacker accommodation at Jiwa Damai on an earlier blog post, here.  

Sustainable Solutions | Eco-Festival

Our Jiwa Damai Team, composed of Lucy, our incredibly creative volunteer and Nata, our Balinese man of many trades, set up a table at local market for inventive solutions for creating a healthy environment. Jiwa Damai presented Lagu Damai projects on a computer, our excellent coconut oil, T shirts, intros to the Permaculture retreat center, the garden and brochures of future workshops. Our latest development, the Moringa powered in vegetable capsules was presented as well. Appreciation and thanks for the team for representing Jiwa Damai, as well to the public...

New Backpackers Rooms

We are now building some new simple accommodation in our garden for interns and volunteers. The walls will be made from Bamboo and the outside will be decorated with recycled bottles. Here are two designs with glass bottles for one of the rooms. There will be four rooms made with natural and recycled materials.