Cloves, once the most valuable spices in the today Indonesian, then called the spice islands, sought after by the Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and others.

Today the cloves are still sought after her in Bali because of their high quality.

The clove tree harvest begins in the northern part of the Bali island which is covered in clove trees during the dry season when the tree is blooming for some time. It represents the main income for the local Balinese, this season. It lasts about 2 months and everyone in the family is involved.

The trees are climbed by each family member, mother daughter, father, son and whoever is available. Small branches and leaves which came with the harvesting are removed, and the actual clove is shines brilliant in its many colors. Once dried it turns a beautiful brown. The most amazing thing is its incredible fragrance during the drying process and after.

The cloves are used for cooking spices, here the local people use it as a medicine mixed with raw coconut oil. Now the clove are extracted and become the wonderful clove essential oil. this can be used for diffusion, and many other ailments.