Exotic animals, trees and fauna

Being in Bali allows you to get acquainted with various exotic animals, trees and fauna. Here, at Jiwa Damai we do have some incredible inhabitants. Today I would like to introduce you to the sacred Temple snake.

According to Balinese beliefs she lives in the temples and blesses them and is sacred. She lives in between the roof and the ceiling in one of our houses and is early seen. The last sign was a snake skin hanging in a tree close to the area, which meant she has grown and was shedding. Usually she goes out to hunt every 10 days or so, to catch a frog or mouse meal. She then returns to her quarters to digest and is not seen for another week or more. She does hunt at night and that is when we can catch a glimpse of her. She is shiny black and has beautiful yellow rings around her slim body. usually she is curious and will look at you for a while before moving on. According to the general information about her kind, she is lightly poisonous and her bite can cause some swelling. We have never heard of anyone being bitten.

Here at Jiwa Damai we respect all beings, and as it is we are taking the living space away from these beings. Therefore a respect and honoring of these creatures is appropriate.