Moringa. The Miracle Tree

Much of the Moringa plant is edible by humans or by farm animals. The leaves are rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and minerals according to recent studies.  A 100-g portion of fresh Moringa leaves has 9.3 g protein, 434 mg calcium, 404 mg potassium, 738 mg vitamin A, and 164 mg vitamin C.

Moringa oleifera has all essential amino acids, beneficial fats and omega oils. Moringa is rich in calcium, iron and many other minerals, as well as a variety of vitamins, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances in big quantities but very few calories attached to it.

Moringa The Tree of Life
Moringa The Tree of Life

Also, the Moringa extract, thanks to it’s high antioxidant activity can be a potent cancer cell anti-proliferation. This has been shown by recent medical research, indicating the potential medical value of the Moringa in treatments of cancer  as chemotherapy and chemoprevention.

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