Mushroom research

Alejandro Llano, one of our wonderful volunteers wrote a paper in which he described the process he used in order to grow mushrooms at Jiwa Damai. He offers valuable information about early cultivation and the role of mushroom in the nature. He also provided details about the nutritional benefits of mushrooms for both for humans and for the environment.  We invite you to read more!

The mushroom paper


The Nutrition Internship

The Nutrition Internship

The internship at Jiwa Damai is a unique experience. We always invite our interns to write an evaluation of their project and learning and an evaluation of their personal development, at the end of their stay. You can read here the thought of Rene, our intern, on her project at Jiwa Damai.

During my time at Jiwa Damai, I used the Permaculture garden facilities and the knowledge of other volunteers in order to explore my interest in nutrition.


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Mixing veggies from our gardens

Renee our intern from Montana, USA, in our kitchen with our volunteer Lucy, from Canada, trying out some new recepes.  Peeling lots of garlic to go into the mixed veggies from our gardens
Jiwa Damai.

You can find out more about our internship on our website!