Making coconut oil with love

At Jiwa Damai we make coconut oil with much love. You can see the entire process in this wonderful video. 

At the same time, you can read more about the different stages of making coconut oil on our blog, its benefits, its use in different recipes and also how are interns are using it. Read more! 

See below all the local products that we are offering at Jiwa Damai! 

Sustainable Solutions | Eco-Festival

Our Jiwa Damai Team, composed of Lucy, our incredibly creative volunteer and Nata, our Balinese man of many trades, set up a table at local market for inventive solutions for creating a healthy environment. Jiwa Damai presented Lagu Damai projects on a computer, our excellent coconut oil, T shirts, intros to the Permaculture retreat center, the garden and brochures of future workshops. Our latest development, the Moringa powered in vegetable capsules was presented as well. Appreciation and thanks for the team for representing Jiwa Damai, as well to the public...