Papaya harvesting

Nata and Komang just harvested some of our Papayas. If they are very young, we use them to make a most delicious vegetable dish. They have to be green and they taste a bit like asparagus. When they begin to gently yellow a bit, they are harvested as a fruit, placed in a dark corner to turn bright yellow the outside. These special Balinese papayas have an orange fruit flesh. It kernels , crushed and bitter tasting,are a known natural medicine for any kind of liver ailments.

PDC Through the Heart Oct 2015

We find that planning ahead is never a bad idea. Hence we invite you to our Permaculture Design Course Through the Heart, in October 2015, at Jiwa Damai.

Experiencing Permaculture through the heart presents a unique opportunity to combine the theoretical Permaculture design method with “hands-on” experience, complementing active physical engagement with the soil with an inner attitude of appreciation and loving alignment with the earth.

This program is the first of its kind, working with the psychological framework of the mind, theoretical Permaculture principles, design and planning, planting, harvesting - all in alignment with the heart. It grounds the intellectual Permaculture approach through allowing a direct connection with the heart, a loving approach to ones Self, the other and the earth with its life-giving Flora and Fauna, to unfold.



The 3 module design course content follows the standards, topics, and number of hours laid out by Bill Mollison , the founder of Permaculture. You will receive a Certificate of Completion as a Permaculture designer (72+ hrs). The course is complimented by a daily early morning yoga session and an evening heart meditation.

Module 1 Thur 01 - Wed 07 Oct 2015

Modules 1-3 Thur 01 - Wed 21 Oct 2015

Find out more about application procedurehere. Or if you feel better talking to us, send an email at info [@] jiwadamai [.] net.