A Monarch butterfly

A Monarch butterfly chrysalis is mainly emerald or jade green in color highlighted by bright metallic gold trim – a horizontal line about 1/3 of the way down and raised golden bumps set apart symmetrically on its lower portion. About 24 hours before the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, the surface will darken and then turn transparent. Through this process and even after the butterfly has emerged, the golden stripe and spots remain.

This description was written by Arabella, our volunteer.

Garden Tour at Jiwa Damai

We offered a garden tour during the moment the rains stopped for a moment. Margret took our Kula Collective Yoga Teacher Training class of lovely ladies on an extensive garden tour. Here they are standing in front of the butterfly garden, which has been recently mulched with rice straw. The other photo is in the Mandala garden with its flowers and various greens.

You can always take a tour at Jiwa Damai, but you have to book in advance at contact@jiwadamai.net. 

Dragonflies and Butterflies

Today we want to introduce you to some of the beautiful animals in our organic garden. This fantastic red dragonfly visited the garden. In fact, there are many dragonflies in many different colors, here at Jiwa Damai. What an amazingly beautiful creature !

red dragonfly_2

red dragonfly_2

We are lucky here to be blessed by beautiful butterfly visitors as well.



Come by and enjoy the fauna on Bali at Jiwa Damai!