Experts in Earthship Building Needed

We are recycling and preparing glass bottles for our future earthship inspired building in the mountains.

Our French volunteers, Camille and Quentin have found the most efficient method to build bottle bricks to be use in the building in a decorative fashion. They cut a line through the bottle and then burn it with a candle and then icecube it. Thus the brick comes out very clean. The two bottle ends are then sealed together with a strong tape.


We are looking now for people interested working with us in a quite remote environment, as experts in earthship building, architect and /or planner and supervisor as well as other volunteers.

The planned beginning is November, this year, all depending on the weather conditions.

Please write to of you are interested or have someone who might have the knowledge we need. Solar experts are needed as well!

Backpacker accommodation with recycled material

Our new backpacker accommodation, made with recycled bottles is nearly finished. It just looks wonderful from the inside and outside. It is called the Beehive House and has two rooms, two beds each. Simple and clean. We also added a few steps away an additional Balinese and western shower and toilet with a biological septic tank. We use the bottles as well to give a colorful dimension to the shower.

You can see how we gathered and used the recycled material of the new backpacker accommodation at Jiwa Damai on an earlier blog post, here.