Garden Planner Needed

At Jiwa Damai we are looking for a flexible person with much heart who wishes to do a 6 month volunteership with possible long-term job as a planner for our permaculture garden.

The right person

  • is able to plan timely for our needs, our kitchen and retreats and have experience in permaculture/organic farming.
  • needs to be able to lead a small team and work through empowerment, know about rotation of plants, companion planting, keeping our seed bank up to date
  • has tropical experience (desired, not a must)  

On 4 hectares of land, our garden is created with much heart and we do not keep livestock. We are organically certified and need an heart-based person with experience. We expect the person to align with nature and our values and be de adaptable to the local culture. Please send resume to

You can find out more about our garden.