Unique Bali Grapes

In our land in the hills of Bali, at Awan Damai, in Gunung Sari, we began to plant local Balinese grapes. about 500 pieces. The area is about 700 m in altitude and exposed to the North of the island.

However, since we are only a few degrees below the equator, the sun comes straight overhead and thegrapes are exposed to the tropical sunshine. At the moment we are feeding some of the vines with EM, effective micro organisms and the others are being left without. We wish to see if the nutrients and bacteria in the EM does make a difference in growth.

grapes and cloves

Our grapes are surrounded by miles and miles of clove trees which are harvested in September and dried. 

It is important to note that the tropical climate makes for the unique character  of grapes of in Bali, grapes are constantly harvested from evergreen vines and wine can be produced all year long instead of once a year. While vines usually require a dormant period of cooler months, the vines in tropicalBali produce grapes continuously in 120-day cycles. The varieties grown in Bali are the local Propolinggo Biru, the French table grape Alphonse-Lavallée and the Belgia.