Volunteers for an Earthship inspired structure!

We are planning to build the first Earthship inspired structure in Bali, in the beginning of 2016. Jiwa Damai is launching a call to action for all the people who have experience in sustainable building to join as volunteers.

earthship in bali
earthship in bali

“The Earthship inspired structure model fits perfectly with our permaculture garden, recycling and taking care of the earth. It is an organic extension of our garden. We are searching for people interested in sustainable living and we offer them a unique experience at Jiwa Damai.”, states Margaret Rueffler, caretaker of Jiwa Damai, Organic Garden and Retreat.

Located in the heart of Bali, Jiwa Damai provides sanctuary in an idyllic, powerful environment where volunteers can put to work their ideas and build the first Earthship in this region. Jiwa Damai is looking particularly for people who have an inner interest in sustainable living and ideally people who have attended the Michael Reynolds, Earthship Academy in Thaos and thus have prior knowledge and experience.

Besides the hands-on experience, Jiwa Damai will provide food and accommodation for the volunteers and also access to yoga classes and Meditation through the Heart.

If you are interested, drop us an email at  contact@jiwadamai.net