The origin of Moringa

The name Moringa is derived from murungai, the Tamil/ Muringa Malayalam word for drumstick. In Africa is also known as Kpashima or Argentinga, in South America and Caribbean as Liberdad or Mawonga and in Asia as Saisam or Mulungai. Most commonly is known as Moringa Oleifera.

The Moringa tree is native to the tropical and subtropical parts of Africa and Asia and is the sole genus in the flowering plant family Moringaceae.


Adaptation: Moringa grows in tropical and subtropical regions, from cuttings or from seed, the ones coming from the local trees having a better chance of propagating. The Moringa plants can be grown as a monoculture, multi-cropping or as hedgerow in farm. It is suitable for urban garden in warm climates due to having distinctive flower colors, white and yellow. The plant can produce leaves and flowers for consumption in short time, from eight to twelve months. The seeds have no dormancy periods and can be planted as soon as they are mature.

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