My Heart Is Where the Earth Is

To establish a healthy permaculture garden or farm takes dedication, knowledge about design and plants, space and time and, last but not least, a big heart. Each individual element, in order to compose a healthy whole, has to be placed in its proper place. Compost, one of the major miracle workers for plants, needs time to ripen in order for its full nourishing potential to unfold. Often the earth needs time to recuperate from previous abuse and usage of chemicals. In turn, trees, bushes, veggies and other nutritious elements need time to grow and proliferate, for their fruit to ripen, and to eventually fulfill their purpose and potential. They grow together, developing quite an energetic interaction that one might call social life, with likes and dislikes towards each other. Some plants further and some hinder each other’s growth. As human beings, we follow a similar rhythm and path of individual growth. We require proper nourishment, physically, mentally and spiritually, to grow, ripen and unfold our true potential. Of course, this could ideally happen in alignment with nature and earth, while establishing the permaculture garden step-by-step. The connecting link here is the unfolding of the qualities of the heart. This process allows for a deeper connection with one's inner voice and innate guidance. Listening carefully within allows the finer sensory perceptions and inner sense perceptions to be brought into consciousness. This then guides one towards the deeper, innermost Self, the unlimited potential of individual growth. Values and qualities, such as appreciation of one's Self, honoring the inner life, trust, and the joy of being embodied, become manifest.

Once I honor and appreciate myself I can interconnect with, honor and appreciate others and the gifts of nature. Here is where the permaculture design method can come in, in a very powerful way. While I use and apply this thoughtful and intelligent design method to the land and earth, hands-on, touching the life-giving soil, my increased inner perception and my honoring of each plant, soil and living being can vibrate in alignment. True communication can take place. As research has shown for quite some time, plants and trees cared for with love vibrate, respond and growth unfolds differently. This research has been photographed and might be worth examining (Dr. Korotkov, Konstantin - The soil, with its microcosm of aerobic and anaerobic inhabitants, will also respond to this increased flow of positive energy. If I resonate within my own being, the heart’s energy will vibrate throughout my own cellular system, improving and allowing its potential to unfold. (see Heart Math -

The same is valid for the earth, soil, and plants, as well as my influence on the environment and others. The personal process working in conscious alignment with the earth has a powerful impact on personal life, the environment and the entire earth. I can no longer say I am powerless. Each one of my actions impacts the whole.