Chinampas progress

We are working hard in the swamp at Jiwa Damai.  Chinampas – floating gardens - our new project has been in progress since the beginning of January. The muddy tangle of weeds is becoming a nourishing garden, step by step. Mud, heavy coconut leafs and green cuttings are the basic layers of our new child. Once the layering is complete, the top of the chinampas will sit above the surface of the water, leaving an elevated platform on which to plant the garden. When the layers are complete, we will plant trees along the perimeter of each frame. As the roots grow they will secure the structure of the chinampas, supplanting the bamboo frames, which eventually will rot away. The whole project will be built using only materials sourced from our property, making it a zero-waste, 100% biomaterial structure. Check some pictures and follow the progress, it goes incredibly fast.ImageImageImage