NewEarth University
Dr Nancy Ash, the director of the NewEarth University and Dr Margret Rueffler, the founder of Jiwa Damai gardens and Lagu Damai Foundation Bali, celebrating the affiliation of Jiwa Damai-Lagu Damai Foundation with the NewEarth Project. Courses, internships and activities will be featured on the NewEarth website. We are looking forward to a healthy and growth oriented exchange focusing on supporting the move from this conflicted earth reality to a peaceful and loving vibrational reality.

For more information, visit the unprecedented NewEarth Project at their interesting sites:

NewEarth Project

NewEarth University

NewEarth Media

Other recommended websites:

Psycho Political Peace Institute
Organizes and presents seminars about Heart Self Intelligence, Initiating Peace and Psychology of Nations

Lagu Damai Foundation
Sponsoring projects and eduction of youth in Indonesia

Schule fuer Herz Selbst Intelligenz
School for transpersonal psychotherapy, psychology and education in Giessen, Germany

Zentrum am See
Ausbildungen in HerzSelbst-Intelligenz
Psychosoziale Beratung, Supervision und Ausbildung zum psychosozialen Berater, Qi Gong und Zen Shiatsu.

One Sweet Gaia

Jiwa Damai YouTube Channel