A one day Interactive workshop
Permaculture and meditation

Every Sunday at 10 am

Join us for a unique experience in a tropical paradise as we explore our certified organic garden and retreat center while sampling local fruit and learning about the flora and fauna and being introduced to permaculture principles. This will be through live presentation and hands on experience.  Bring your own towel for a post launch dip in our spring water pool

Three Day Permaculture Immersion
On the 1st Sunday of each month

Join us for a three day immersion learning to have an initial interaction with nature and earth. in depth permaculture ethics and principles  are  combined with unfolding the qualities of the heart. This will allow for a deepened experience when applying the PDC ethics, earth care, people care and sharing surplus, lived HANDS ON  action. 

Guided Garden Tour

Every Wednesday and Sunday at 10am

Welcome to a two hour tour of our organically certified permaculture garden. Join us to learn about permaculture and how it is a powerful theoretical method of holistic design, creating a holistic, sustainable environment in alignment with nature and the foundation of a healthy community.

Earthship Inspired Building
work in progress

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