Encounter with Nature and Earth  

This event will take on the 1st Sunday of each month at Jiwa Damai permaculture and retreat center. At Br Bindu in Bali. We are located 20 minutes form Ubud. See details.

Please reserve at contact@jiwadamai.net 
Telephone and Fax:  +62 (0) 361 898 8384


A three day immersion learning to have an initial interaction with nature and earth. in depth permaculture ethics and principles  are  combined with unfolding the qualities of the heart. This will allow for a deepened experience when applying the PDC ethics, earth care, people care and sharing surplus, lived HANDS ON  action. 

Permaculture provides a design system which allows us to move deeply into our abused eco-systems and release their inherent potential. Ethics of earth care, people care and sharing surplus are its unique contribution in today’s world. They directly point the way to enter the new paradigm, from survival and lack of, to abundance and sharing.


Refining your inner senses to listen to and observe the world around us. Identifying with and immersing yourself in the physical and energetic makeup of the plants, soil and garden. Hands-on application and techniques will be complemented with a new understanding of caring and unfolding the qualities of the heart in nature. This will allow for a profound experience in application of the permaculture ethics, coming alive both in action and design. 

garden tour.jpeg

You will leave this course with a good basic knowledge of how to design and plant your own garden or balcony garden and the important ethical attitude which is its guiding beacon.



1.  Cost for the course: $US240.00

2.   Standard accommodation with two single beds with your own bathroom is available. Cost for 2 nights standard  accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals from our certified permaculture gardens  $US 174.00 pp

3.   Backpacker style rooms with shared outdoor shower and Western and Balinese toilet. No hot water. Cost for 2 nights backpacker accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals $US 120.00 pp

When booking please let us know which option you wish to have: 1 or 2 or 3, or 1 and 2 , or 1 and 3.

The course will be offered for a minimum of three participants. We appreciate a one week notice and full payment prior to begin.

We suggest to stay at Jiwa Damai to benefit most from the intense interactions and evening presentations as well as the morning yoga class and the late afternoon Heart meditation.

Please pay to: jiwadamaibali@paypal.com  thanks


7.30 - 8.30 Morning yoga class or getting ready for the day
8.30 - 9.30 Organic vegetarian breakfast
9.30 - 12.30 Permaculture theory
1.00-  13.30 Lunch
14.00- 17.00 Hands on practicum in the garden
17.30 - 18.15  Meditation
18.17 - 19.30  Dinner
19.30- 20.30 Video and/or presentation.
21.00 Bed time

This event will take at Jiwa Damai permaculture and retreat center. We are located 20 minutes form Ubud.

Please reserve at contact@jiwadamai.net and/or telephone us at:+62 (0) 361 898 8384