Price List for Rooms (USD / EUR)

Rooms (room per day):
Bamboo, Lotus, Gardenia and Frangipani (built-in bathroom, breakfast inc): $73 / €55
Sandal and Cambodia (private bathroom outside, breakfast inc): $59 / €45

Lumbungs (lumbung per day):
Kupu-Kupu and Alamanda (built in bathroom, breakfast inc): $66 / €50

Meals (per day per person):
Lunch $6 / €5
Dinner $8 / €7

* Charges are for 1 or 2 persons.
* To accommodate a 3rd or 4th person, additional charge(s) of $17 / €16 per person applies.

Optional Excursions and Services: 
Enhance your experience with local excursions and visits including temple tours, scenic walks through the rice fields, dining with a local family, and more. Scooter / motorbike rentals and other services are also available.