“Unfolding the HeartSelf-Intelligence TM is an invitation to deepen the access to your heart, listen to its inner wisdom voice, and look from its perspective lovingly at yourself and the challenging world we are in.”

— Dr. Margret Rueffler

Meditation One (Free Download) 

Meditation One (below): Experiencing my inner space, appreciating the heart
Meditation Two: Becoming aware of the heart pulse
Meditation Three: Relating to the deeper innermost pulse
Meditation Four:  Learning to listen to the voice of the heart
Meditation Five: Connecting to the heart of the earth

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If you haven't done so already, we welcome you to join our offering of the HeartSelf-Intelligence Meditation Series starting on December 1st, 2016. You will receive emails with the audios and instructions in intervals for proper integration. 

About the Exercises

These experiential heart exercises open an inner space. Each replication of the exercises deepens and expands this space. I learn to turn towards myself and to appreciate the heart from different perspectives.

Introduction to Meditation One: By focusing on my breath and taking in the air consciously, I can find my center and become more tranquil. This is refreshing and at the same time it calms down my thoughts and emotions.

I allow myself to stop more often in everyday life and take some time out for myself and take a few conscious breaths. This can also take place in the workplace.

In order to unfold the HeartSelf-Intelligence TM, I need to learn to observe myself. It takes time to learn to become conscious of my body, my five senses, my emotions and my thoughts. My perceptions and my sense of awareness become refined and I learn to differentiate the bodily sensations, my thoughts and my feelings.

Entering in relation with the heart opens a deep Self acceptance and acceptance of the other. One of the first steps is to appreciate my heart for beating for me faithfully. My attention and care evokes a certain vibration in the heart. A feeling of opening, expansion, a larger space, warmth, more energy, a stronger beat can be experienced. My heart needs my loving care to unfold its inherent love and intelligence.