Guided Garden Tours

We offer guided garden tours on Wednesdays and Sundays at 10 am. A contribution of IDR 50 000 is appreciated. Contact +62 (0) 361 898 8384 or email for reservation. 


Springs and ponds

The land is blessed with several natural springs which produce high quality water. The water is naturally circulated into the ponds surrounding the buildings and then flows into the agro gardens to water the plants.

The ponds and water have been exposed to EM-Technology and as a result the breeding of mosquitoes has been significantly reduced 


A quite large swamp was transformed into a chinampa site, a way of using swamp and land popular In Mexico. The project is based on Bamboo sticks placed into the swamp, the content being layers of earth, mud, mulch, and grass until filled.


It is the main focus of our garden and is a circular permaculture garden design that maximizes the area used and prevents the need to step on the soil, compacting it. The mandala design is a universal symbol for unity and oneness as well.

Compost and Sewage

We are using only organic components found on and in our own land. Our sewage, a five part open sceptic tank, based on EM and biological principles is installed for recycling human waste.


All vegetables are grown from seed in our nursery. We are organically certified and use organic compost only. Our very tall coconut trees are regularly harvested and we produce our own virgin coconut oil.

Trees and plants

Moringa leafs are use to enhance salads. They are harvested and dried at a very low temperature to provide a very powerful healthfood with medicinal qualities.


Tomatoes are used to make the delicious Balinese Sambal. Rambutans are amazing trees that produce the most juicy and enticing content in each small fruit. While the outside is quite hairy, it hides a perfumed flesh wrapped around a stone.