NewEarthship/Earthship-Inspired Build – Bali, Indonesia


  • Bali, Indonesia – the island of the Gods and Demons.  The Balinese speak Bahasa (language of Indonesia) and Balinese.  They are extremely friendly and spiritual people, following a special brand of the Hindu religion, which includes many ceremonies and offerings. 
  • This NewEarthship/Earthship-Inspired build here in Bali is for an educational non-profit - the Lagu Damai Foundation, since 2002.  The Lagu Damai Foundation currently operates out of Jiwa Damai Organic Garden & Permaculture Retreat Center in Bali, Indonesia – 20 minutes outside Ubud –  The founder of Lagu Damai Foundation and Jiwa Damai Permaculture Retreat Center is Dr. Margret Rueffler.  Margret is a transpersonal psychologist, acupuncturist, and permaculture consultant.  Her vision is to introduce and teach internationally the inner values of consciousness of joy, empowerment, choice, and self-help which lead to a deep change in the quality of life. 
  • The Lagu Damai Foundation’s NewEarthship/Earthship-Inspired build has been intentionally named “Awan Damai”, which means “peace of clouds” in Bahasa.  Awan Damai is intended to create a pristine environment for like-minded people to gather.  Awan Damai will be a spacious, 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom studio building that includes full amenities for living.  The space will be used for temporary living and for educational classes, workshops, etc.
  • Awan Damai is located 2 hours drive from Ubud center, in a very beautiful, isolated, and difficult to access area. 


  • Building project begins July 2017.  Write for detailed dates.
  • We are inviting volunteers, with their hearts and hands, to commit fully to this project.  Please use our attached application so we can then schedule an interview from a Lagu Damai Foundation team member. These volunteer positions will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • We ask for a minimum commitment of 4 weeks.  For volunteers who wish to immerse themselves into a deeper understanding of Earthship building, we invite you to stay longer.  If you are interested in completing an internship during your experience with our project, please contact us directly for further information. 
  • We invite volunteers to be open to manual labor and activities which are part of building an Earthship.    
  • On-site training will occur for participants throughout the project
  • Be aware the location is away from the trodden path of tourism.
  • After the interview, we will be sending a tools list for each volunteer to bring with them to the build site. This will include pictures as well as descriptions.


  • When you arrive in Bali, you may take a taxi from the airport to Ubud (appx. 250,000 - 350,000 IDR ($US 30.00) VIA taxi). 
  • Prior to your arrival to Bali, we suggest you book yourself into a hostel in Ubud to stay at for when you first arrive., or  There are very nice and inexpensive homestays and hostels in Ubud.
  • We will then provide a group transfer for volunteers from Ubud up to Awan Damai:

o   The location we will pick you up from is: Coco Supermarket parking lot in Ubud.  Address = Jalan Raya Pengosekan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571 – near Yoga Barn and Monkey Forest.  The transfer is a 2-hour drive.

  • Please be sure to have valid health and travel insurance available during your time in Bali, and check with your preferred doctor for possible vaccinations. 

Government Fees

  • All volunteers will each need to pay appx. USD $5 to the village (local customs).
  • There is an immigration registration fee which permits you to work on this project.  It is USD $150 per person, and USD $200 for existing couples.  Upon your arrival to Awan Damai, we will take care of these registrations for you.  Please bring a copy of your passport, and USD cash for this.


  • Visas can be acquired before traveling at a local embassy. It is important not to mention that you are going to be working but rather attending a workshop and/or traveling the country.

o   1st option = There is a free, 30-day, non-extendable visa that is available upon arrival in the airport in Denpasar, Bali.

o   2nd option = There is a 30-day visa with an option to extend for an additional 30 days for $35.  This purchase must be made inside the Denpasar, Bali airport, immediately upon arrival before one exits customs.

o   3rd option = If one wants to stay longer than 2 months, they will need to ask their local Indonesian embassy for a 3-month visa.  This can be applied for in your home country prior to arriving to Bali.  When applying, just say you are simply going for travel/tourism longer than 2 months.  If you wish to stay longer than 2 months, you can then apply for a 1-month extension, 1 month at a time (each time with an additional fee) while here in Bali, totaling up to a 6-month stay. 


  • We have tent sites available for you (please bring your own tent and gear).  You will have access to shared toilet and shower (western style).
  • Regular morning yoga and evening meditation sessions are offered during the build. 
  • Daily schedule

o   6:30am – Yoga

o   7:30am – Breakfast

o   8:00am – Begin NewEarthship training at project site

o   12:00pm-1:00pm – lunch, on site

o   6pm – Guided meditation

o   6:30pm – Dinner

o   After dinner – optional activities may occur, which include but are not limited to: group sharing, principles of NewEarthship building and gardening, music, etc.

*Please let us know if you are unable to attend for any activities in the schedule.

  • Please align with our guidelines at Awan Damai: smoking, drugs, and alcohol free.  Please be aware that Bali has a strict drug policy, which includes death penalty even for a minimum possession of marijuana.  Please seriously consider if you can align with these guidelines before applying.


  • Volunteers will be provided with 3 vegetarian, delicious, Balinese/local cuisine meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).  These meals will be catered/delivered from a local Balinese service. 
  • There is unlimited clean drinking water available at Awan Damai. 
  • Some healthy snacks will be available for sale at Awan Damai - extra coffee, raw chocolate, nuts, dried fruits, etc.


  • The project takes place during the dry season in Indonesia and the average temperature in the area for the months of June and July are approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). This can vary and there is a chance for precipitation, making the nights much cooler. We recommend that you are prepared for varied weather conditions as you will be camping. 
  • The following is a list that we recommend bringing with you – both for the job site as well as for personal well-being:

o   camping gear

o   drinking water bottle, labeled with your name.

o   water containers for extra personal supply

o   hats, bandanas

o   eye protection

o   sunscreen

o   flashlight or head torch/lamp

o   we ask that you use only biodegradable/environmentally friendly hygiene products – i.e. shampoo, conditioner, soaps, bug spray, etc.

o   solar chargers – access to electricity/power outlets is basically non-existent at Awan Damai

o   work shoes – no open toes/sandals while on the job site

o   suitable work clothing that can be layered

o   bug repellant (biodegradable) and/or mosquito net

o   First Aid supplies –  please bring your own first aid travel medications (also see FIRST AID below)

o   optional musical instruments

  • Since there is no wi-fi/internet available at Awan Damai, you may purchase a local sim card (while in Ubud) with data/wifi that you can also use as a hot-spot for laptops, devices, etc.  There is also wifi available everywhere in Ubud (restaurants, studios, etc.).  
  • Please note that charging personal devices (phones, cameras, laptops, etc.) will depend on your own solar chargers.


  • We will be working together on a construction site.  Please be aware to dress appropriately as a safety guideline to avoid injuries and sunburns. For example, open toed shoes and bathing suits are unsafe for working on this project.
  • Please be aware we are very close to the equator here and the sunlight is very powerful, and take the necessary precautions.


  • Please let us know of any pre-existing medical conditions, and how to handle it if needed.  The nearest clinic is a 1.5 – 2 hour drive from Awan Damai. 
  • Also, please let us know if you are trained in any medical field or first aid certified, and willing to assist onsite in the case of an emergency.
  • We highly recommend that each person bring their own first aid supplies and personal travel medications.


  • We hope to all work together and transfer knowledge of sustainable building to all volunteers, including our local Balinese.
  • Please feel free to check our website – - for more information regarding our upcoming permaculture certification course – Discover the Heart Through Permaculture – which will align with our NewEarthship project. 


  • We will organize a shuttle to be available for you once a week to take you to and from Awan Damai and Ubud (2-hour drive.  The fee is $50,000 IDR per person, one way - appx. USD $4.50) so that you may experience the sight-seeing, tourism, activities, and all the high-life that Ubud has to offer.  If desired, we will have a presentation of these optional, popular, Bali excursion activities that we can then arrange for you.
  • Currency exchange recommendations: To get the best rates, do not exchange currency at the airport. There are many other places in Ubud that will exchange for a better rate. Best exchange rates are US dollars but also accept Euros and Pounds.
  • We will organize specific visitor-days for when your family/friends can come visit you on the site.  These visitor days are to be determined.
  • Please do not pet the local dogs in the area.
  • We will coordinate an inexpensive, local, delivery laundry service for volunteers.
  • If you are planning to rent a motor bike, please bring an international driver’s license (IDL) in case the police check you.  You can apply for an IDL prior to your departure in your home country.

We invite you to participate in the creation of a wonderful, new project – Awan Damai.  Please know that we appreciate you offering your time, expenses, and physical stamina.  There will be a lot of individual experiences, as well as with the group – learning, sharing, working in an unknown environment, living communally, and building links with a different language, culture, and local people.  We will do our utmost to facilitate the learning and growth process which can take place during your time at Awan Damai.


With great pleasure,
Lagu Damai Team and Dr. Margret Rueffler




For details in application, click here.