Dreaming Consciousness Retreat, with Analee Scott

A five-day retreat @ Jiwa Damai, Bali
from August 2 – 6, 2017

retreat at jiwa damai

Experience & Learn:
How to bridge conscious to subconscious. 
The true nature of the dreaming mind. 
Practices & tools to give pure clarity & understanding to the content in your dreams. 
How to live & dream lucidly. 
Depth & insight into your real energetics, emotions, & beliefs. 
Embodiment of your fullest consciousness & blissful self-actualization

We provide:
All meals of garden-to-table healthy, vegetarian, Balinese cuisine.
Access to swimming pool & garden.
Accommodation in private or shared rooms.
Daily yoga & meditation. + dance, authentic movement, & other body-work modalities.
Sacred ceremonies, + musical, spiritual, & artist guests.
Raw cacao, kombucha, & more!

The knowledge and efficacy of these teachings and practices are derived from Analee’s professionally trained psycho-therapeutic approach to the human Self, Psyche, body, and emotions; as well as the latest sciences on the brain and consciousness.  She also incorporates various ancient native traditions to connect to the deeply-rooted cultural heritage of dreams.  The Dreaming Consciousness classes are also fused with the insight that the eastern traditions bring, including yoga, meditation, and Chinese medical qigong.  
This retreat is designed to be safe, effective, and meaningful for all levels of practitioners and body-types, no previous experience necessary.     

On the first day of the retreat, you will be given time to arrive and settle into Jiwa Damai between 1:00-4:00pm.  From there, we will then enter into introductions, dinner, and sacred ceremony celebration to begin the retreat.  The following days will regularly include early morning dream-work or yoga practices, followed by breakfast at 8:30am.  The later mornings will include combinations of interactive workshops and classes.  Then, lunch and a free-time afternoon break from 12:30pm – 4:00pm.  The late afternoons will then include an activity or theta-subconscious meditation practice.  Dinner is served at 5:30pm, followed by ceremony and dream-work practices, ending at 8:00pm nightly.  The last morning of the retreat will include the usual early morning dream-work or yoga practice, breakfast at 8:30am, then check-out by 11:00am.    

About the location

Bali - the island of the Gods and Goddesses.  Steeping with spiritual dedication and welcoming smiles from the local natives, Bali, Indonesia is an iconic location to delve deeper into a practice of self-exploration and spiritual growth.  The rich, exotic, lively tropical climate of Bali will have you forgetting which day of the week it is just as soon as you arrive, allowing you to flow into the ultimate vibrance of the present moment. 

Jiwa Damai - an organic, permaculture garden and retreat center, settled in a beautiful, pristine sanctuary just 15 minutes outside Ubud.  Jiwa Damai belongs to the Lagu Damai Foundation – a non-profit that services humanity with educational and social projects.  Any profit generated from the Dreaming Consciousness Retreat will go towards the Lagu Damai Foundation and its projects.   

About the facilitator: 
Analee Scott - adept teacher and student

Facilitator: Analee Scott

Her purpose lies in bringing all that is blissful and true into the reality of humanity’s co-created consciousness, enhancing the mind-body-Gaia connection, bridging our evolution to be harmonious with that of the Earth’s well-being, and discovering that of profound truth which involves blending science and art into one, transcending duality, and relentlessly expanding wisdom, insight, and knowledge to incorporate all perspectives. 

Analee Scott cultivates her teachings from a diversity of professional trainings, university and graduate level degrees/studies, and practices which include - yoga, medical qigong, meditation, somatic sciences, psychotherapy and clinical counseling, psychology, language and learning, consciousness studies, energy healing, dream work, and more.  She has recently spent the last several years an intensive, clinical therapy setting in the wilderness, serving to deliver mind-body-spirit healing to clients; whilst also helping them to disconnect from the pathological illusions of society in order to connect back to the raw source of mindfulness, self, and essence.  She also spent time as a radio co-host on a talk show that focused on “raising the vibration of consciousness”, and was an author for a holistic health magazine with her own column, “Meditations from the Wilderness”.  Analee now teaches yoga, meditation, qigong, and more in Bali, Indonesia.   

People working with Analee find more awareness into their psycho-somatic makeup, the true nature of their stress, dis-ease, weakness, trauma, as well as their strengths, dreams, bliss, and healing. They also gain greater illumination to their (sub)consciousness, emotions, energies, and learn to harness their unconditional power towards the reality of their self-actualization. https://onesweetgaia.com/about/

You can also refer to some of Analee’s client testimonials here.


We offer different accommodation and rates

accomodation at Jiwa Damai

Register before July 5 and receive the Early Bird discount prices!  

Backpacker style = $500
Standard accommodation = $800

Single room = $900

For local participants, please contact Analee directly at analeescott@gmail.com

For further detailed info and registration, click on the application here.

For any questions regarding the Dreaming Consciousness Retreat at Jiwa Damai, please email Analee Scott directly at: analeescott@gmail.com