Meet Dr. Margret Rueffler, our founder and caretaker of Lagu Damai Bali Foundation and Jiwa Damai agro-permaculture and retreat center. Margret is an acupuncturist, author, and transpersonal psychologist and therapist. She discovered permaculture 9 years ago as it seemed a very organic move to expand from learning to love one’s Self, to uncover the deep love for the earth as a living being. She has worked internationally with PsychoPolitical Action projects, collective traumata, prevention of collective violence and has completed research on the collective unconscious.

For the past 10 years, she has been a guest lecturer at Ubaya University in Java and has worked as a consultant and trainer with prison staff and inmates in Java. To learn more about Margret's work, please see her CV.

Find out more on her books and publications on her website.